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Next Generation TV Forum – Does network control make a difference for delivering a great TV over IP experience?

I was invited to speak on two panels at the Next Generation TV Forum conference in London on the 14th June with the second one on the topic of “Does network control make a difference for delivering a great TV over IP experience?”. This was a very technical panel and one of the interesting points that came up was the idea of extending network control to within the home. The reasoning for this is that in typical UK households with our colder winters, WiFi range especially at the 2.4Ghz band can be limited by the building. With the Sky Q box and mesh networking, your Q box becomes a wireless hotspot, thus extending the WiFi range and improving the customer experience for in home entertainment.

• What do consumers consider is a ‘good’ TV/video experience?
• Do you need to own a network to keep control over content delivery
• How to scale for large but volatile TV audience


• Nigel Walley, Managing Director, Decipher
My fellow panelists were;

• Anthony Berkeley, Business Development VP, Nokia
• Ben Schwarz, Founder & Owner, CTOiC
• Matt Stagg, Head of Mobile Video & Content, EE


Next Generation TV Forum – Cloud Technology Processing and Delivery

I was invited to speak on two panels at the Next Generation TV Forum conference in London on the 14th June with the first one on the topic of “Next generation cloud technology in processing and delivery”. I really enjoyed the panel and one interesting point was the alignment of software engineering technologies such as the agile methodology with traditional engineering best practices. We also discuss whether CDNs are cloud based services (they are) and how using a combination of different approaches, you can reduce the time to build new channels from months to hours.

• The benefits of large-scale video processing in the cloud
• Virtualization vs. Cloud: Which one is right for “your” organization?
• Where can the cloud have the greatest impact on your workflow?


• Ian Trow, Senior Director Emerging Technology & Strategy, Harmonic

My fellow panelists were;

• Ed Silvester, Head of Video R&D, Perform Group
• Dom Robinson, Co-Founder and Director, Id3as


Interview with Telco Transformation Magazine – Part 2

The second part of the fun interview with Aditya Kishore from Telco Transformation Magazine has been published, were we continued our wide ranging discussion on high quality online video streaming, CDNs, DRM and video compression;

  • What would you say are your biggest challenges?
  • You talked a little about your CDN options at TV Connect. Can we revisit that, What has been your approach to caching? (See article here)
  • Are there any new technologies or solutions in particular that you are looking at in the next year or so?

As mentioned in a previous post, having a Multi CDN strategy is essential when operating at scale as not all CDNs are created equally and you need to understand the clients behaviour, making changes dynamically based on conditions.

One of my observations over the past 12 months is that the H264 video codec, has effectively run out of road and we’ll need next generation video compression to keep up with demand, delivering higher quality video with less bits.

BVE Conference 2017 – The Future of OTT

I was asked to speak on a panel discussion at the BVE conference in London on March 2nd. As you can imagine from the topic, this was a very wide ranging discussion covering all areas of our industry with the following agenda;

Consumers today can view more content on more devices than ever before, and the OTT revolution shows no signs of slowing down. What will OTT content and delivery look like in 5 or 10 years? This panel discussion will look at OTT today and tomorrow, focusing on the following challenges and opportunities:

  • Multiplatform viewing: mobile, connected device, and smart TV
  • Rights acquisition and DRM
  • Monetisation models: SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD
  • 4K and HDR
  • Data-driven advertising
  • Live events
  • The impact of VR and AR

TV Connect 2017 – Strategies for Using CDNs or Building Your Own

I was invited to speak on a lively and controversial panel discussing “Strategies for Using CDNs or Building Your Own” at the TV Connect conference on March 30th. The panel was moderated by Gerry O’Sullivan with a fantastic selection of industry experts;

Andy Burnett@ITV – Director of Online Technology & Operations
Jeff Web@Sky – Principal Streaming Architect
Ian Parr@BT – Head of Design
Mike Gordon@DLVR – Co Founder and CEO
Weijun Lee@ZTE – Top Strategic Technologies Executive
Jamie Panagos@Charter Communications – Senor Director, Video Operations

Aditya Kishore@Telco Transformation has written an excellent article on the discussion available here.



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