My first public speaking event as Principal Streaming Architect came at the Content Delivery World conference in November 2016, where I presented on “Innovations in Live Streaming to Multiple Platforms”.

My impression of the conference was that it was very well attended and the whole day was extremely interesting. As you can see from its title, the conference has a strong focus on content delivery and is specially relevant for Broadcasters. The conference will return in 2017 and I look forward to attending.

What will you learn about Streaming at Scale?

The presentation addresses some of the most important questions for OTT providers that want to offer customers a premium experience;

  • The challenges of Live vs VOD?
  • How do we measure at scale?
  • How do we protect the customer experience?
  • How do we streaming to millions of customers?

One of the most noteworthy streaming challenges is Live sporting events such as Premier League Football. In the presentation, I describe the perfect storm of when Monday night football meets Game of Thrones.

I hope you find the presentation interesting and would be great to hear your comments.